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BEAR V WOLF: Front Cover
Title(s): BEAR V WOLF

A complicated endeavor within an overarching narrative of positives and negatives. The bear as a signification of stillness, preparation and endearment, while the wolf personifies an unyielding loyalty within a cerebral nature. Both are predators and prey and serve as instrumentally integral part of nature. As eight chapters of poems, lyrics, and personal understanding, the journey of reflection and harmonization begins. Are you ready?

The Journey Journal - SpACE Capper Chronicles: Front Cover
Title(s): The Journey Journal - SpACE Capper Chronicles

The embodiment guide of mental angst, anguish, and reconstructive reprise to inflict, predict, deficit, and glide through lives. Each side said by part tells a start formed from ending while enveloped as art while depends on the sending. First for hope in absolution through the detours of confusion with a mutual contribution to instituting resolution… sound conclusion. Love, growth, virtue or allure should surely rollercoaster pure. Yet, a core compilation of recreation is relegated as four. Such a chore.

A whirlwind of unexpected, retrospective, semi-protected, reflective sin akin to wins, losses, and cost-related atrocities designed and/or constructed by higher heightened unbridled bosses. Make and mind one’s own as spectator stranger through the dangers as both Ranger and victim/predator remainder. How thus leads to losing one’s mission of composition or mental competition is up to the listened… or in this case, the reader envisioned, gains mass precision permission. Trust the process and knowledge is progressed as such a prowess suggests… signs point to greatness and solid interest. Enjoy the (questionable) quest through chapters via volumes as each part embarks as stark reminders to tower over albums. End goal to sacred soul… low behold the bold.

SpACE Cappers, Part Four: Front Cover
Title(s): SpACE Cappers, Part Four

Provable detours illustrate parallels once the destination seems to be within reach. What cuts clear does not appear until such an influx reveals oneself and its motives. It's virtue. It's reasoning. How one chooses to proceed very much depends on how one views the journey… figurately and literally. Mars was manner, Venus wasn't the answer… yet each volume of solace glides through it's own orchestra of moments. Beat by beat. Chapters thereafter of eight… be it lyrics, poems, or personal turmoil.… continue an otherwise accomplishment of idealistic objectives. No limits.

SpACE Cappers, Part Three: Front Cover
Title(s): SpACE Cappers, Part Three

For what seems like a mission of exile or provocation, such thoughts, actions, and perspectives within poetic instrumentation ultimately fluctuate between manic depression and cautionary clarity. Mars… past. Venus… vast. Explorations through three volumes of solace create unparalleled areas of aura. Eight more chapters of poems, lyrics, and personal angst, the journey progresses. The tunnel’s complete.

SpACE Cappers, Part Two: Front Cover
Title(s): SpACE Cappers, Part Two

Once again a continuation of thought, action, and perspective within poetic instrumentation. From Mars (man's ideals) to Venus (woman's ideals) to explorations behind compression, the view(s) unspecified yet unique to the soul create a beautifully destructive form of solace. Eight more chapters of poems, lyrics, and personal angst, the journey progresses. Embrace the process to completion.

SpACE Cappers, Part One: Front Cover
Title(s): SpACE Cappers, Part One

Continuing a journey of thought, action, and perspective. Battling between the intellects of Mars (man's ideals) and Venus (woman's ideals) to form a focused ground within the noise. A pivot prepared yet unexpected as the mystery isn't just on board. As eight chapters of poems, lyrics, and personal angst, the journey's still ongoing for peace. Follow it.

Genius4Venus: Front Cover
Title(s): Genius4Venus

For what is to be a continuation of a poetic journey through life, love, morality, and opinion… yet with a hint of womanly perspective (or at least for the sake of Venus). Be it by loyalty or grace, conviction or desire, pursuit or reflection, the tale of one (to many) man’s scenery and perspective are conveniently condensed into eleven chapters of poems, lyrics, and summaries. While the journey continues… the mind in turn evolves.

Moving2Mars: Front Cover
Title(s): Moving2Mars

A poetic journey through life, love, morality and opinion. A man's views regarding history, standards, rights, and other significant tribulations and hopes… concluding to one's own vindication. A ten year creative process condensed into eleven chapters of poems, lyrics and summaries. Many may relate to each subject, while others will more than likely exile. The mind's a machine worth exploring.

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