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I am Laura Calanchi, currently residing in Round Rock, TX, and I study Digital Film and Video Production at the Art Institute of Austin. My main focus is on writing, directing, producing.

If I have an idea (no matter how strange it sounds or boring it might be) I like to write it down. Whether it’s romance, horror or comedy, it just needs to be written down.

Deep down… I am a hopeless romantic, and interacting with people and things are most appealing to me. My ideas should (obviously) appeal to myself, though the need to be able to cohesively connect with others so that my ideas also appeal to them as well. That is why most of my ideas come from my daily experiences, along with the day to day questions I ask myself.

Or maybe I put myself in a situation metaphorically, like being separated from my family during a catastrophe or feeling betrayed by someone I love, or maybe I was a fantastic acrobatic performer who could travel the world what would I do or feel? Theses scenarios are all metaphoric and only scenarios but they could take my writing and ideas further.

If I see a video or film that made feel things (sad, excited, pissed off, relieved, etc.) they connected with me in some way. That is what I want. If I can make an audience feel things, even if its something bad (I didn’t like the movie, I didn’t get it), the audience asked questions, I made a connection, I did what I was suppose to do.

I am Laura Calanchi, a hopeless romantic, writer, director, and producer.