007 Rogue Game Design Proposal

by Alan C. Hall II




Build your Agent

The Build your Agent mode allows you to customize characters from the 007 series, with the availability of creating your own agent once completing the game.

Even the option in choosing a Weapon of Choice can dictate your fate. Choosing your side is vital, and critical within the world of 007. Choose wisely.

Build your Agent – Screenshot
Pause Menu

The Pause menu details your current mission objective with an extraordinary emphasis on location, stealth, and knowledge of your surroundings.

Hints and tutorials also help you gain the advantage against your foes as you complete each objective. The map monitors the surroundings while more information on targets can be utilized to your benefit.

Pause Menu – Screenshot

The gameplay revolves around your character. Be it by good or bad intentions, you dictate how you proceed within a linear fashion by choosing your current route of execution or retrieval.

Mission completions generate skill scores that can be shared with friends and enemies as others try to beat your ranking amongst the best agents in the world.

Gameplay – Screenshot