007 Rogue Game Design Proposal

by Alan C. Hall II




Character Structure

Characters consist of the player-created protagonist, which can be male or female, created in Build your Agent mode. Characters can be changed if gamers choose to become renegades, or retain their specified gender.

Antagonists players encounter throughout the game differ throughout the game. During the first half of the story, enemies consist of terrorists and renegade guerrilla/militia groups, mafias, and gangs.

During the second half of the game, enemies consist of Secret Service Agents from various government agencies, which by a player's decisions, can be renegades or legit organizations. If players choose to become renegades, they are given a different set of rules, morals, and achievements they can abide by.

Agents who stay loyal to their agency eventually become Secret Agents, then Double “O” agents, which are given special orders by their superiors to creatively and precisely capture or assassinate their oppositions.


The tone and style consists of primarily mature audiences, ranging from fifteen years old and up (ESRB Rating) for violence, partial nudity, language, and other adult themes.

The game encompasses a dark and strategic tone, with room for deceit and deception amongst the agencies.

There is some light within the darkness though, as comedic scenes, such as clever one-liners to amateur guards and gangs playing pranks on one another or telling jokes, are displayed throughout the game as a sweet charm of enjoyment.


Platforms range from the latest iOS devices to Android devices with Version 3.1 Honeycomb or better.