007 Rogue Game Design Proposal

by Alan C. Hall II



Production Script

CinematicMeeting LTC John Slate )

***NOTE: Time is 9AM at an unknown destination

***NOTE: John Slate is a retired Cold War Veteran (Lieutenant Colonel (LTC)), currently stationed in an unknown region of the world as an Agency Liaison (or in this case, an Agency Recruiter).

Players will learn more about him and why/how he recruits individuals later in the game. At the age of 49, he is well tempered man with black grey hair, built like an ox with a slightly deep and boisterous voice. A man you wouldn't say no to, while 20 years earlier… you would've wanted him on your side.

***NOTE: Players will first be identified by their prior military background (military branch & country unknown), which players are able to view/customize from those listed within the Build Your Agent mode.

***NOTE: All characters in game/cinematic are voice acted.

Scene immediately starts (“007-like” music smoothly cued in) with the first-person POV view of a character opening a door labeled “LTC John Slate: Agency Recruiter.” Upon walking into the office, Slate stands up from behind his desk as they both exchange salutes and handshakes.

Various military awards, medals, and memorabilia cover the interior wall behind the gamer's character. As the sun glares through the freshly cleaned white shades with white walls and a grey colored carpet, the recruiter (in green fatigues) speaks.

Agency RecruiterLTC J. Slate: )

Soldier. Glad to see you this afternoon. Alive and well, I'm sure. You can have a seat now.

The character sits as Slate pushes his black leather executive chair out further and walks towards the windows, slightly opening the blinds (which players cannot see out of).


Within our line of work, we aren't guaranteed vacation time. Nor are we granted snow days. Sure, within what we do… if you ever reach the top echelon of in your field, such “vacation” time may be rewarded, yet not a luxury worth appreciating here.

As generations before you have witnessed, the job comes first. When we send you to the greatest places on Earth, the luxury will in fact be your objectives. You find what we need, recover or kill it, and report the completion.

Walking back to his desk, Slate opens the top right drawer of his dark brown executive desk. Slate then pulls out a stack of papers (which is a contract), and pushes them toward our character with an expensive ballpoint pen on top.


Focus on your objective and use whatever means necessary (legally) to accomplish this goal. By your prior military credentials, I'm sure you can manage the pressure involved. We won't accept anything less. Strive for perfection, and we'll take care of the rest. Read up.

InteractiveSigning the Contract )

Screen 1.0 ends with an interaction. Players will focus on the white paper contract as a popup screen appears detailing what the contract says.

At the end, three lines are displayed, where gamers can input any name they want on the first line (when pressing on the line, the tablet's keyboard appears).

By either pressing NEXT or ENTER on the touchpad, gamers can manually sign the contract on the second line using either their finger or a stylus. When players sign the contract, the sound of a ink pen pressing against paper is heard to give the sense that gamers are interacting with real paper.

When the last line is pressed, a popup screen appears detailing each Government Secret Agency (CIA, MI6, Mossad, or KGB) gamers are able to enroll into.

Four rectangle boxes with vital information regarding each agency's name, country, and description are clarified, as well as which skills gamers can acquire from each agency. After each playthrough, gamers will be able to continue with the skills previously acquired and gain more when starting a new game.

CinematicExiting the Office )

Once the contract is signed, players will look up (still in first-person POV) and LTC John Slate will speak.


Welcome to the ‹ Agency Name ›, and I'm glad you're on our side. God speed and good luck.

Slate stands up as the character does and both salute each other before the character turns around and exits the office. The screen then fades to black. A short “007-like” music interlude ensues as the page loads to the Build Your Agent mode.

InteractiveBuild Your Agent mode )

After the cinematic sequence, gamers are then transferred to the Build Your Agent mode. Creating and customizing the gamer's character is visualized through various categories, such as:

Body, Clothing, and Accessories


Default body structures of past and present 007 characters and villains, each with their own unique skills. After each completed game play-through, more 007 characters and villains from the previous films are unlocked and playable.


Head and body structuring, height, weight, skin color, hair, makeup, ear rings, eyes, and facial hair.


Selections of complete suits for males, dresses for females, and casual wear for both.


Selections consists of glasses to gun holsters. After each completed mission, additional accessories are unlocked and available to wear.


CinematicTraining Mission Intro. 1 )

Upon exiting the Build Your Agent mode, a loading screen (black background with a 007-like logo in the bottom left corner, which a gun firing and as the bullet creates a smoke trail, the smoke trail would in fact be the loading screen's progress bar) then initiates a cinematic of the gamer's newly created character suiting up and arming him or herself in preparation for the Training Mission ahead.


CinematicTraining Mission Intro. 2 )


***NOTE: Time is 11PM in Budapest, Hungary

A camera (sound included) flashes as the view then zooms out to a group of elderly tourists taking pictures of various locations in Budapest, Hungary. Suddenly through the thick night sky clouds, a small white plane flies overhead.

The co-pilot turns around and puts up his thumb finger, giving the gamer's character, who is donning black and grey parachute gear, the cue to jump. He then launches out of the plane and zooms through the snowy moon-lit clouds towards a mansion on a hill.

He pulls the parachute's string, jerks back, and descends at a slow and steady pace. Once arrived, he/she views the scenery while tucking their parachute behind some nearby bushes near a tall granite wall. Behind him, the sights and sounds reflect the European evening air and the busy city streets below.


Training Mission

As the Training Mission begins, a popup screen appears indicating all of the basic moves (in list-form), which gamers are able to use immediately. By pressing UP or DOWN on the left toggle, gamers are able to move back and forth. Holding down in either direction gives players the ability to run.

Pressing LEFT or RIGHT on the left toggle initiates a strafing move, which, when held down in either direction, initiating a roll. As players move forward, they will approach the stone wall they saw within the previous cutscene. Once approached, a popup appears informing players how to climb over it.

Pressing UP once jumps/climbs up walls, while holding down on the UP button extends the character's reach. Pressing DOWN initiates a crouch in which players are able to strafe side to side when behind cover or “stick” to tall walls such as this one or inside buildings. When “stuck” to a wall, a popup screen informs the player that he or she can cause a distraction or knock on the wall to distract nearby guards.

Once gamers climb over the wall, they will approach environmental items such as barricades and short walls which they can hurdle over or crouch behind for stealth kills/evasion. Within this training mission, there are garden fences filled with various vegetables.

Amongst the full moon's light, the green grass and colored leaves scattered across the large backyard, shadows and shade within the environment give players a strategic advantage on how to effectively evade guards or eliminate them undetected.

Five to eight seconds later, a guard approaches from inside the mansion to scout the yard. While the agent remains unnoticed (***NOTE: if players are noticed, the Training Mission restarts from the beginning) and approaches the guard with caution in a crouched state, behind cover or within a shadow, a popup screen appears informing gamers how to evade or eliminate the guard using either a stealth kill or a non-lethal strike/submission.

From snapping necks to performing chokes or strikes on guards give players the ability to relive their favorite hand-to-hand combat scenes from past 007 agents, while generating skill points they can then use to build their character of espionage. Gamers will also have the ability to drag guards/opponents out of sight after a guard is disabled.

A popup screen (when still in stealth) will appear, and by using the directional toggle, players can hide guards from other guards on watch (as threat levels increase when guards and situations arise, which guards will become more aware of suspicion within the environment).


Secret Government Agency Fighting Styles

From the agencies specified, skills are acquired and can be used in various ways. For example, if you're undetected, quick-stealth kills, such as a Forward Neck Snap, Knockout Blow, and Front Guillotine Neck Snap, can be initiated when encountering an enemy while each quick kill is randomly selectable.

Depending on the Agency gamers choose, they are as followed:

MI6 ( British Secret Service )

Judo (hand-to-hand combat style)

Submissions (Darce Choke, Hadaka Jime, or Nami Juji Jime)

Death Strikes (using forearm or edge of hand, 3 in total, randomly selected)

CIA ( Criminal Intelligence Agency )

Jiu-Jitsu (hand-to-hand combat style)

Submissions (Rear Naked Choke, Dragon Sleeper Hold, or Guillotine Choke)

Death Strikes (fist punches to neck or center of chest, randomly selected)

Mossad ( The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations )

Krav Maga (hand-to-hand combat style)

Submissions (Reverse Rear Naked Choke (Mata Leon), Triangle Choke, or Gogoplata)

Death Strikes (powerful leg strikes to neck, or knee strikes to pressure points)

KGB ( Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti )

Systema Spetsnaz (hand-to-hand combat style)

Submission (Neck Crank, Gator Roll, or Four-Finger Rear Choke)

Death Strikes (elbow strikes to pressure points, 3 in total, randomly selected)



Guards within the Training Mission vary in race/skin color and tactics (depending on which agency you've chosen), yet all wear black suits and white collar dress shirts with black ties (the typical uniform for guards). Black glasses and carrying 9-Millimeter pistols and flashlights.

When detected, in suspicion of being detected (such as moving when a nearby guard passes a shadow), within the later levels (when guards learn the gamer's patterns), or at harder difficulties, guards will use their flashlights to shine into corners and shadows.



The items players are given within the Training Mission are as follows (yet differ within the official professional missions):

Military Grade Throwing Knives

  • Mid to long-range weapon affected by gravity and wind patterns

PP7 Special Issue pistol

  • A 9mm round pistol, very accurate
  • 7 round magazine
  • 1.50 to 8.85 RPS (Rounds Per Second)

Silenced PP7 pistol

  • An upgraded version of a PP7 Special Issue pistol fitted with a suppressor, while slightly less accurate as the counterpart, it eliminates guards stealthily with less recoil
  • 1.50 to 8.85 RPS (Rounds Per Second)

US AR33 Assault Rifle

  • A powerful assault rifle with superb accuracy, able to pick off targets at a distance
  • Zoom capabilities
  • 30 round magazine
  • 12.8 RPS (Rounds Per Second)


  • Hand-to-hand combat with three options
  • Tactical “quick” kills, choke holds and stealth kills (both are only accomplished when unnoticed by guards


In addition to guards, obstacles range from surveillance cameras to laser trip wires (also known as motion sensors) and electrical fences.

Surveillance Cameras

  • Day/Night wide-range dynamic box cameras
  • Provide high quality protection for their customers

Players will have to either have to disable or pass without being noticed.


***NOTE: Though when cameras are disabled in later missions, guards will investigate why

Within the last 4 mission though, High Resolution IR (Infra-Red) Sensitive Cameras with auto capabilities are introduced.

  • Players will have to avoid these at all costs by using the skills and shadows correctly

Laser Trip Wires

  • Vary by manufacturer (non disclosed)
  • Alerts guards and their bosses of one's presence
  • When encountering wires, a pop-up screen will appear, letting gamers sneak past or immobilize them without suspicion

***NOTE: Unless guards are either already aware of one's presence or by making their rounds they find them disabled

As the game progresses, the difficulty and cunning of such obstacles increase, giving gamers a reason to continue playing.

Electrical Fences

  • Consists of Galvanized Iron Wired, Welded Mesh, and Low-Carbon Iron Wired Security Fences
  • Capable of 5,000 to 10,000 Volts
  • High-Carbon Military "Steel" Grade Security Fences (barb wired) are also added throughout the various missions players will encounter