007 Rogue Game Design Proposal

by Alan C. Hall II




007 Rogue is a third-person espionage mobile action/adventure game which lets players create and control their own renegade Secret Service Agent.

Through various degrees of stealth, mission completion, and stylized gameplay, gamers can finally become the special agent they have always wanted to be, while having the option down the line to destroy what they helped create.

Through a linear time-based structure, players will complete spy-related missions and test their prowess against computer-generated “smart” enemies or other players with similar skill rankings.

The rankings are point based, meaning that through creative kills and achieving mission goals, such as collecting all of the available intel within the mission, a gamer’s points stack up each level.

Points can be used to purchase new weapons and obtain new skills. For variety purposes, a character can only have up to seven skills during the game. Additional skills players obtain can be used after the game's completion.

Computer-generated “smart” enemies, such as guards, terrorist groups or S.W.A.T. teams, are envisioned by real-life military operations, past military missions, and strategic war analysis.

Based on the character’s agency of choice, enemies differ from level to level, and while the gameplay’s flow never changes, the enemy count per mission and variety of enemies differ each playthrough regardless of difficulty.