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Alan C. Hall II

Graphic & Front-End Web Architect

Crafting graphically  dynamic interactive experiences for individuals and small businesses.

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  Branding  Digital  
Illustration  Print


Responsible for numerous websites, including HTML5, CSS, JQuery, and PHP/MySQL. Wanted for various branding/identity contraband, and various other forms of artistic expression.

A verbal assassin with musical and poetic attributes, a tea drinker and movie enthusiast. Hallzzz… is rarely seen yet a prominent figure when witnessed. Former military and amateur boxer. A quiet and cunningly focused individual with deep thoughts and even deeper methods.

His approach to life is believed to be bulletproof & flame-retardant. Given Mr. Hall's expertise in the fields of study specified, it is vital this individual does not network with the rest of society. Hallzzz is deemed a high-priority. The specified assailant might accommodate individuals similar to his artistic merit. As such, a search and extract operation is recommended immediately with the assistance from all branches of our government. Hunt him down.

Brink's Money Prepaid MasterCard

Brink's Prepaid MasterCard®

Web Design & Development
HTML5, CSS2/3, Responsive Design

A site created for Brink's Money Prepaid MasterCard®, showcasing their marketing/prepaid debit card acquisition with NetSpend®. It's all about the "money".

The Black American Glossary

The Black American Glossary

Web Design & Development | Brand & Identity
HTML5, CSS2/3, Responsive Design

An artistic glossary of important Black (African) Americans from past and present. An educational resource for all individuals (young or old), brought to you with an artistic touch.

007 Rogue: The Game

007 Rogue: The Game

Web Design & Development | Brand & Identity
HTML5, CSS2/3, Responsive Design

As a business proposal, 007 Rogue became a 3rd-person espionage mobile action/adventure game which players create and control their own renegade Secret Service Agent. Bond approved!

Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Clan

Web Design & Development
HTML5, CSS2/3, Responsive Design

A presentation and homage to the lives and careers of one of Hip-Hop’s greatest supergroups: Wu-Tang Clan. Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothin' to F wit! Minimalistic in appearance, yet complex in material and quality.

Tribute to… Alfred Hitchcock

Tribute to… Alfred Hitchcock

Web Design & Development | Brand & Identity
HTML5, CSS2/3, Responsive Design

Director, visionary, character, artist… cinema royalty. Extensive research on what made Hitchcock “Hitchcock”, injecting the humor and horror within a site filled with suspense and dark dilemma.


Every successful project requires a plan. Design is nothing without its effectiveness it has on the users it's directed to. Whether it's music or interfaces, it's all about the experience. Take your time.

UI Kit Concept

UI Kit Concept

UI Kit Concept

UI Kit Concept

Music Player App Concept

Music Player App Concept

Diamonds | Icon Concept

2DopeBoyz.com | iPad App Concept

Apple iTunes | Flat Design Concept

8-Blitz | Font Mockup

Guns4Sons | CD Cover
Mortal | CD Cover
RISE | CD Cover
Planet of the Apes | CD Cover
Dead Space | CD Cover
Author | CD Cover
Order of Chaos | CD Cover
Sho'nuff | CD Cover


Logo and brand identity extends beyond what most people see, yet is the element of design that most can either recognize or remember more than any other. Crafting such requires extensive research, testing and personality percussion.

U Sports Incorporated | Stationary

Chivalry Clothing Company | T-Shirt Concept

QD Vodka | Wine Packaging Concept

Skull Crown Finale | Stationary

Levitor | Stationary

Skull Crown Finale Business Cents Red Religion Cinema Win Industries Out Of Sight Productions Grimace TV One Eyed Radio Hallzzz… Identify'd Novelties Shogun Of Harlem Academy

Artistic Vigilante Investigation

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  • Alan C. Hall II
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Military Service:

Hair / Eye Color:


Current Residence:



United States

Approx 6' 3"

Approx 175 LBS


U.S. Navy

Black / Brown

Architect of Arts

Last Seen
Austin, Texas

An artist of numerous forms of medium, including Graphic/Web Design, music, poetry, and art. Previously reported influencing, innovating, and evolving what is considered art while blurring lines with absolute precision and detail. He has been found to be skilled in infiltration, fighting, and evasion. He takes my job very seriously and do (almost) whatever it takes to see whatever he creates flourish. He is also accustomed to adapting to situations and planning not only the best outcome, but also the worst. He is considered driven and intelligent. Plan wisely.

Skills  Acquired 
(but not limited to):

★  Cross OS & web browser testing

★  HTML5, XML, CSS2/3, & Wordpress

★  PHP/MySQL, Javascript, & jQuery

★  CMS (Content Management System)

★  UI/UX Design & Testing

★  Avid Pro Tools

★  Adobe CS Products

★  Apple Final Cut Pro

★  Apple iWork & OpenOffice

★  Microsoft Office

★  Web Standards & Accessibility

★  PC & Mac

The Approach


Web design & development has evolved from a genuinely simple approach to become a widespread necessity for both individuals and businesses. My approach to digital design exceeds beyond the pixels and lines into every form of artistic expression, from art to music to poetry. Focus on the minor, plan for the major… and everything else will fall in place.


Picture yourself as CEO. Then identify with each aspect of their company, creating something worth remembering. That’s my approach to branding and identity creation. Whether it be through marketing and/or prototyping, or simply extensive user-centered research, I assist and create both new beginnings and/or new approaches to existing creations.


Life is all about experiences. Knowing one’s audience is essential in creating those experiences. I approach user-interface and user-experience design with a “steady hand” on usability and every aspect of visual representation. Passion and tenacity are prevalent in my nature, and I do what needs to be done to keep customers happy.

Creation is everything. That is why I incorporate each of these three major elements of my artistry (digital, branding/identity, and user-interface/experience design) into every facet of my work.

The approach is simple: focus on greatness, achieve near perfection with each project, and do what needs to be done to keep customers happy.

If you have any interest in Alan C. Hall II and his work, please notify him either by email or vCard below. Resume is also available.